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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service Agreement​

This agreement is hereby entered into between John Harrie, SeoRank and Bell Seo Ltd hereinafter referred to as “Prince Lee”) on April 28, 2017

Representations and Warranties

SeoRank agrees to provide Client with Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Services (hereinafter referred to as “SEO”) as described in this agreement for the period of [Insert duration of the whole project in months] which starts on the [Insert the date of the start of the work].

We are authorized to use the specific keywords and/or phrases for developing and improving the ranking of the Client’s site(s), [Insert Client’s website address here] in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).


To bring clarity into this contract, we are going to define some SEO terms/jargons which we have used in the contract. Our goal is to develop a contract in plain English which is mutually understood by all the parties entering into the contract and which minimizes erroneous beliefs.

Terms of this Agreement

The term of this agreement shall be efective for 30 days after submission to the client. In the event this agreement is not executed by client within the time identified, the agreement, together with any related terms and condition and deliverables, may be subject to cancellation, amendement, change or subsituation.

Fees and Charges

In consideration of the services to be performed by designer, client shall pay to designer fees in the amount and according to the payment schedule set forth in the proposal, and all applicable sales, use or value added taxes, even if calculated or assessed subsequent to the payment schedule.


01. Website Audit Report

Review of the competitiveness of the client’s industry and the targeted keywords. Review of the current ranking potential of the client’s site and back link profile analysis. Review of issues related to website usability, website credibility, websites accessibility, user engagement, legal issues and suggestions regarding how to fix them.

Recommendations for avoiding/fixing negative SEO issues (keyword stuffing, duplicate contents, URL canonicalization, hidden text, hidden links, sneaky redirects, keywords cannibalization etc) Recommendations regarding content development. What type of contents and contents categories can attract additional traffic and links and can help in improving conversions (goals). Suggestions regarding link building- From where and how you can acquire/request/buy links.

Review of the client’s site traffic – how visitors find your website, where they come from and how they use it. How keywords and advertising campaigns are performing. How the site is performing in comparison to hundreds of other sites in the comparable industries.

02. Competitive Analysis Report

It provides vital information regarding competitors like who are your competitors, which keywords they are targeting, what are they doing to attract traffic and links. From where they have got their back links. We also determine the current ranking potential of your competitors in search engines and help in establishing KPIs.

03. Keyword Research Report

It provides list of keywords that can bring highest volume of relevant traffic to the website along with their search volume. It also provides suggestions regarding how keywords should be used on site to attract additional traffic.

04. Website Optimization

We try to fix all the issues we have identified during website audit, so that the website works for the client’s business and is able to convert relevant traffic into sales or leads.

05. On-page optimization

We modify the title tags, meta tags, contents, HTML code, naming conventions and other on-page factors of client’s website to make it relevant to search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for targeted keywords. We do keywords positioning/placement to attract additional traffic to the site.

06. Link Building

We acquire/request/buy links from vast array of websites to improve the ranking potential of your website in search engines and to rank for targeted keyword phrases.

07. Link Bait/Viral Content Development

We develop and promote contents (press releases, articles, blogs, link baits etc) which help in getting additional traffic and links to your site and also helps in improving the conversion rate.

08. Social Media Optimization

We develop methods to generate publicity through social media like blogs, forums, social networking sites (facebook, linked-in, orkut etc), meet-up groups, industry events etc.

09. SEO Analysis

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our SEO campaign and send you traffic and rankings reports on regular basis.

10. SEO Training

We provide seo training through phone/online consultation or on-site consultation (visiting client’s premises) or both. In this training you will learn the basics of search engine optimization, how search engine works, what are Google webmaster guidelines and why they are important. You will also learn how to interpret the Google analytics data, how to conduct usability test, how to attract links, traffic and many more things.

Timing & Acceptance

Designer shall prioritize performance of the services as may be necessary or as agreed upon by the parties, and will undertake commercially reasonable efforts to perform the services. Client agrees to review Deliverables within the time identified for such reviews and to promotly either, approve and accept the deliverables (which will then become the final deliverables) or provide written comments and/or corrections sufficient to identify the client’s concern, objections or corrections to designer.

Within five (5) business days of receipt of each deliverable, the client shall notify designer of any failure of such deliverable to comply with the specifications as agreed upon by the parties or of any other objections, corrections, changes or amendments client wishes made to such deliverable. Any such written notice or electronic mail shall be sufficient to identify with clairity any objection, correction or changes or amendment, and deigner shall undertake to make the same in a commercially timely manner, Any and all objections, corrections, changes or amendments shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. In the absence of such written notice or electronic mail from client within said stated time period, the deliverable shall be deemed accepted.


General Changes : Unless otherwise outlined in the proposal, client shall pay additional charges for changes requested by client which are outside the scope of the services, at SEORank standard hourly rate of $50 per hour. Such charges shall be in additional to all other amounts payable under the proposal, despite any maximum budget, contract price or final price identified there in SEO Rank may extend or modify any delivery schedule or deadlines in the proposal and deliverables as may be required by such changes.

Substantial Changes : If client requests or instructs changes that amout to a revision in or near excess of fifteen percent (15% of the time required to produce the deliverables, and or the value or scope of the service SEO Rank shall be entitled to submit a new and separate proposal to client for written approval. Work shall not being on the revised services until a fully signed revised proposal and, if required, any addional retainer fees are received by SEO Rank.

Copyright and Ownership

Original Material : The client affirms that to the best of its knowledge all materials furnished and used are its own original material or material which they have obtained the copywrite to use for the purpose of this agreement. Written copies of copyright clearances may be required by the SEO Rank. All deliverables produced for ths project and any subsequent projects during the term of this agreement, shall be the exclusive property of the SEO Rank and Bell SEO Ltd. agrees that the client shall be the copyright owner of the “work for hire” produced under this contract.

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